Car Data System

WebCDSMaps is formed by combining its own hardware and software of the CDS

  1. Hardware - the "black box" - CDS exchange device is implemented in individual vehicles.
    1. It transmits all monitored data such as vehicle movements, the state of vehicle tank, the fuel consumption of the vehicle, refuel amount etc. all data in real time
    2. identified parameters are entered in the microcomputer system memory, without intervention of operator- the driver.
    3. measured and stored data are transmitted to the central user database.
  2. Software –- WebCDSMaps is a computer program that processes information from "black boxes" installed in vehicles.

    Operating records are transmitted from vehicles to the database on the server. One of the following ways of data transfer is possible to use for transferring the data recorded in the "black box" installed in the vehicle:

    1. data transmission using GSM or newest GPRS system transfers

Monitored parameters of vehicles

WebCDSMaps program allows you to monitor independently the data of individual vehicles and details of individual drivers. After monitoring important data can be processed and evaluated. The evaluation is performed using printed reports or by exporting data in any format required by the user (Excel, PDF, Word, text ...).

After loading data from vehicles and storing them in a database data is available to you in the following range:

  1. date and time of beginning and end of the drive
  2. mileage
  3. the highest speed reached during the drive
  4. information about breaking of speed limits setting
  5. information about running the engine without moving the vehicle
  6. running time of heating
  7. type of drive (business - private) - for use in passenger vehicles
  1. fuel consumption while driving (if there is a fuel level sensor in the tank)
  2. refuelling
  3. suspect fuel decreases in the tank
  4. checking whether evidenced fuel actually was in the tank
  5. information about the beginning and end of drive (if there is installation of the GPS module in the vehicle)

Output format of operation records

Operation reports (including graphs, images ...) can be viewed on the monitor and then printed. Printed reports are built as a modular system and each user in the company may have only such reports as needed for their work (freely configurable settings).

WebCDSMaps program can work with user dials (drivers, routes, lines, orders, ...) and then these information can be assigned to data from the "black box" to show the user in a user-friendly form. The sophisticated system allows you to assign user rights to individual users in such way that specific user can view the only dates of some vehicles or to work with data from multiple centres, etc.

SQL Server, Firebird database architecture were used for higher data security and the possibility of network operation.



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