Frequently asked questions

Why should I pay for sparing a few litres of diesel?
According to an annual mileage or operation hours of your vehicle it is no longer a couple of litres of fuel, but we're talking about already tens of thousands of saved crowns in your pocket.

Specific examples speak for others. In practice high fuel consumption is justified by standards. After installing the measurement of fuel consumption, reduction of fuel has been monitored average of 5 litres per 100 kilometres at a over 12,000 km monthly in comparison with the long-term consumption. For carriers, this means savings approximately of 10,000, - CZK per month for one vehicle. That is, our system has an incredibly short return of investment period - about two months. Unused 5 l per 100 km has also a positive effect in reducing of emissions in the atmosphere. In company with 15 trucks annual fuel savings are more than 100,000 litres and that is the price of about 2,000,000, - CZK. Our system brings undeniable economic effect and helps companies achieve a very advantageous position in competition. According to these data, validated by customers (reference lists are available), it follows that the undervalued estimate of average fuel savings of 3 l per 100 km on a single vehicle with a course of 10,000 km monthly , means savings 3,600 l of fuel per year for one vehicle with CDS installation.

The current experience is that approximately 3 to 6 months, by type of vehicle, application requirements, service work, etc. ..
How long does the installation take?
4-8 hours depending on the type and vehicle type.
The truck which I have, has installed on-board computer . What else can the CDS provide to me?
  1. CDS records and compares refuelling (measured value against documents).
  2. it records suspected fuel loss.
  3. it offers transmission of measured data to PC using memory keys
  4. system offers comfortable evaluation of measured data using evaluation software, which offers a wide range of output (daily, monthly, weekly, annual) printed reports, graphs and evaluation according to specified filters.
It is possible to use the system on rail vehicles?
Yes, after doing some modifications according to specific conditions, system can be used on rail vehicles.
Can we use CDS device on the specific machine, such as the compressor?
Yes, the system can be installed even on refrigerated truck.
Can we use CDS to monitor the condition of the van-vehicle fuel tank?
Yes, but in this case the price for installation is identical with the amount of price for installation on a truck.
Employees of our company work on a separated work place, this situation makes a complication in the control of employees performance and performance of machines they work with. Can we solve this problem with the CDS?
Yes. Installing the CDS on working machines and giving the Dallas chips-key to employees can help in accurately monitoring of the individual workers performance and individual working machines performance.
Can vehicles or machinery operators influence the function of CDS system?
No. Any encroachment into the CDS system is recorded and it will appear in the output report in the evaluation software.
Enables CDS to find out where and how much of fuel was refuelled?
Yes. CDS system records:
  1. mileage,
  2. start and end of the refuelling
  3. amount of pumped fuel.
Evaluation software evaluates potential differences between measured and declared (according to bill) amount of fuel.
Must vehicle operator know about the installation of the CDS?



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